Two years back, I bought my used Pentax p30t for around 8000 rupees. I remember being oblivious. When I asked for the money from my parents, I remember my mother asking me to go for a digital one. Sometimes I wonder what if I’d listened to her? Would I still appreciate the pictures like I do now? I think, I wouldn’t have. Though getting good films and getting them developed is quite a hassle in India, but I managed to get some decent pictures from my 4 rolls of Ilford PAN 400.

Faces are storehouse of emotions. But it’s important to catch them in their sheer nakedness. It’s when they are true reflection of the moment and to me, worth reminiscing. Though it is a camera-person’s  job to bring that out, but film helps to add a genuineness digital can’t. So here are some of my good portraits. It concludes my experiment with BnW film.


Portraits: Playground of Emotions