View from my window

Someday the stack of unread books sitting by my window will grow big enough to cover it completely and then, only then I will realize the grave situation I’m in. Until then I will keep hoarding books I like (or the ones which score above 4 on ‘Goodreads’, because hey! I’m too part of the herd). I’ve never been this aimless. The sense of urgency has left me since… I really don’t remember when. But on the other side, evening sunlight is grazing slowly away from my room, just like a satin sheet slipping off the bed, and it feels good to have enough time to appreciate it.

amber spotlight
stirs up winds
shaking lime plant
by my window
pouring warmth
in and over
lending songs to birds
from the other side
And as it leaves
silent and stoic
I open my palm
and I open my windows too
hoping to fill in some hope.


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