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Why can’t I finish a book?

I am not an avid reader. I’ve never been one. Last thing I was keen to read was my comic collection when I was 7 or 8. Then my high school came along. Also, comics in India were not a profitable business. They lost their popularity as digital gadgets started replacing them. I struggled to find even a single copy at the news-stand. And one day, the retailer stopped selling comics at all.

My next encounter with books was at a book fair organised at my new school. It was a big deal for me as my previous school never had one. I picked up a thick fiction novel called ‘Tunnels’. It had a shady, neon-green cover which looked nightmarish. Yes, I did buy that based on its cover. Sometimes I still do it. I read it fast, in between the hectic schedule of my boarding school. It was better than those shallow romantic craps floating around at that time. Thanks to Chetan Bhagat, half of my class was in a delusion of love and trying to draw unnecessary parallels with those stupid stories. Phew! That was a strange time.

Now after reaching Delhi, I met some people who influenced me a lot. Some of them in a good way, and some in ways which I regretted to have followed. The worst thing I did was to start reading for the sake of reading. I guess, I wasn’t interested in the context. I wanted to read any book as fast as possible so that I can tell people about it, argue about it and feel good about it. But it’s hard to read a book you don’t want to.

It’s a wreck of a life if you don’t reflect back. So, here I am. I want to read again. I want to enjoy it. I know I am a slow reader. I won’t rush this time. Here are three books I want to finish this year :

1. Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain
2. Emmy Noether’s Wonderful Theorem
3.The Salmon Who Dared to Leap Higher

Want to wind up this year with some positivity and spirit. Happy reading 🙂


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