Art, Pen



Put a bookmark and forget the page number.

For a while, you can pause whatever is borrowing your senses.

You can take off the heavy jacket, let wind touch your skin.

Lower down the shades, let your eyes see colors of dusk.

Come out and breathe! Walk few miles towards nowhere you have ever been.


Listen till sounds around you fall apart, like a sax closing the jazz ensemble.

When your feet feel it’s time, stop! let your thoughts trot a while.

I thought when I grow up I would sit in the circles,

I would reason and things I was kept from, will embrace me.

I would rub my chin and cross my brows,

and tell them kids that I have stood in rows.

I thought this world would make sense to me,

but I’m here, uprooting my thought tree.

I learnt what they gave to me,

rigid pages and rusty ideas, borrowed and passed on.

We learn from nature and then we give it a back seat,

we say,’Thanks for everything but I gotta cheat.’

Holy scriptures take the cake,

did nothing much than defining what’s holy.

I’m sorry if I didn’t entertain you much,

maybe you didn’t like the song, or couldn’t dance along.

Beats of truth are out of phase.

I’m sorry if I took your time and wrenched out nothing.

I’m really sorry.


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