Art, Pen

Backstage Hustle


Let Dreams Be Dreams

I wonder, how do you look when you take-off the skin you wear. The smile you carry, it weighs a lot. How do you think when you’re done reciting your witty script? After chasing the stars, and after jumping for the sun, when twilight hits the sky and no one is looking at you, do you wipe your tears? When you aren’t waiting for your turn and not anticipating any sudden claps and whistles from the audiences, how do contain yourself? Do you still think about the glitches you could have avoided? Or maybe, you praise yourself for that improvisation which prevented the chaos.

Midst of that hustle, when everybody is waiting for their scenes, and roars and whistles on their parts, do you sit still and zone out? Do you focus on a world behind those hasty feet, animated faces and murmuring lips?

I guess, you are on now.

*Roar *Whistles


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