Art, Pen


It broke the order. It dropped the pin on floor. It disturbed the silence and the melancholy which was building-up like house of cards, shattered to rubble.

The Scream

The Scream


It crawled hastily over the pale backdrop. Its eight small legs were in a perfect sync but the motion as a whole was random. It ran over words and stopped at some, to clean itself. My not-so-curious eyes were following its course on the page of my physics book. It climbed from the side of the book while I was entangled in a perplexing problem. My both palms were supporting my forehead, my fingers clenching my hair tight. The usual posture when you face oblivion. When my eyes were stuck on that question mark, its presence was prominent through the blurred corner of the eye.

There were few chunks of food on the page. The little ant circled around them, without even noticing how close it was, to a delicious meal. I was still in that same posture, wondering about hidden philosophical revelations in the act. Suddenly it circled in and found a food chunk. Now my moving eyeballs froze and philosophical ideas gave way to curiosity. Curiosity is like being naked, telling and accepting that you don’t know something. Something nobody accepts these days.

It tried to grab the piece with its mandibles. It tried to hold it from different positions, until it found the best one. It slowly dragged the chunk, but now in a straight line. Again my eyes were on it, following its course, over every word and that same question mark. As soon as I saw that question mark, I remembered about the perplexing problem and the fact that I couldn’t solve it. As that little ant dragged that chunk through the blurred corner of my eye, losing my focus from it, I started pulling my hair harder. And the problem was still there.


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