Art, Pen

Attempts to Peek In and Out

With mud stuck on my feet
I stumbled and wobbled but kept walking.

Cobwebs of broken memories and faint hums of people,
Whom I left in that picture album
Made me mumble and fumble

Setting sun is touching the canopy, as it leaves, like a kid in a barley field,
With it’s orange, lukewarm hands.
Gusty winds are playing chasing games.


I, a perishable entity, just a guest appearance in this grand play
which has gone on and on since the first sun rose,
tries to drink the ocean, tries to jump over the mountains

Yet there are wars to be fought
Inside me, around me
To set free those instincts which are buried under the piles of green paper,
Instincts which are grinded between teeth of sanctimonious fools,
And which are blindfolded by religious shades.

As darkness rides slowly into the valley
On those tired horses,
I walked along with him,
In the search of a void and a new sun to fill it up.


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