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Take A Breath

Hiding behind the shadow of the curtains, I looked through my window at those kids playing under the scorching sun. I took a glance at my cellphone and there were no notifications. I felt a little neglected. I laughed at the idea of how these science inventions have altered our reality and morphed it. Why did I feel a little bad just because some LED pixels of my phone screen weren’t flashing? I turned my chair towards my laptop and dragged some Cat Steven’s song on my current playlist. I leaned back and closed my eyes and was about to take a drag of old, memorable events when I heard kids screaming. I jumped out of my chair and stood by my window. They had moved to a position where it was impossible to look through my window closed, even after I slid the curtains. In the rush of the moment I forgot that I can even open my window to look out. I just ran outside to know what the matter was.

Boundaries We Make

Boundaries We Make

I saw that those kids were standing in a circle, enclosing something which wasn’t visible to me but was their center of attention. I walked to them looking here and there and wondering how come there are no adults who heard the scream. I didn’t want to disturb those kids, so I sneaked from behind and tried to look what’s inside. But then I heard a faint but familiar sound. It was my cellphone ringing. In a single moment, all my excitement was relocated and I ran back to my room, like an involuntary movement it was. Those screams of kids and rays of sun hurting my eyes were gone. My eyes took a little time to adjust to my low-lit room as I bumped in my trash can and almost got tripped. I spilled all my unsuccessful attempts of writing on the floor. I reached to my phone and without even looking at the number I picked it up.

Someone was singing on the other end :

Oh very  young,
What will you leave us this time,
You’re only dancing on this earth for a short while.”

And then, from behind, someone hit me hard on the head!

As I struggled to open my eyes, I saw that I was lying on the floor with my chair. Cat Steven’s playlist was about to end with ‘Moon Shadow’ playing. I stood up and saw my phone was on the table, still with no notifications to show. I rubbed my eyes and looked through the half-curtained window of mine, and the kids were still playing under the blazing sun. I looked in my trash can and saw those crushed pieces of paper. I pulled down the curtains, kicked open the windows and took a deep breath. It felt good.


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