Cause, Pen

We Indians

I’m not one of those self-proclaimed critic who sits idly by and reads out the morning newspaper with a serious grim and reflection of disappointment with every headline showing the ugly side of my country. I don’t have any powerful opinions of my own to save this country. All I have is this power of perception of events which are taking place and present a simplified structure out of the pulpy mixture.

When we talk about major problems in India, we end up with a never-ending list. Population, cultural diversity, corruption, illiteracy and the list goes on. But these problems are on the surface. These problems are not at the root. For me, the center of this sphere of problems is ignorance. This ignorance is at every level of our system and our life. Ignorance of voters when they know that the candidates aren’t eligible. Ignorance of a doctor when he prescribes a whole list of expensive antibiotics even if a single table of PCM would have done the job. If you are a good observer you’ll know that I am right when I say ,”We Indians wait for the worse to happen before taking the ultimate steps.”

This thing goes for the common citizens as well. Our youth, the zealous and outrageous one, gets baffled only when something steps on its tail. The Upper class people do everything to make a show, to increase their size and the size of their shadow. This shadow covers the people who get influenced by their size and stature. Low class families are so caught up in pulling together the ends for basic needs of food, shelter and education. We were taught this fact in science that “We can be as fast as our slowest part.” I guess, this doesn’t work with the graphs showing economic boom in India.

Then comes the Middle class. It acts like the middle part of the weighing machine. The part, which actually supposed to be exactly in the middle of both weighing pans. But here, one pan contains few people with great power and wealth and other one is overflowing with people who are suffering the most. This middle class consists of people who can see the scenario more clearly. Even though in every person of this class lives an upper class aspirant but few of them have managed to tear themselves away from this dazzling race. These people are activists, philosophers, writers and environmentalists may be. Apparently, this class holds the key for a better tomorrow. It can pull them up and push them down.

Finally, people in India are of two types. People who want to change the policies which affects them and people who want it to be changed for general reasons. Former one shuts down as soon as their purpose is fulfilled. But as we know, problems are part of a system and we shall never ever stop evolving. I believe someday India will become a good place to live. Someday when the front page of a newspaper will make me smile. Less pollution, restored wildlife and vegetation. Yes, I am a believer but more than that I’m a doer. I am an Indian.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.     – John Lennon


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