Art, Pen

An Unorganised Attempt

An empty cocoon hanging by the ceiling,
a sticky path of snail’s slime,
a broken walnut dropped by a crow
as others tried to claim their share.
A spider unfastening a kill
after it sucked the prey

which now resembled the empty cocoon.
Ironically, symbolizing the opposite.

A stone drowning in the lake
after it bounced three times on the surface
and made that boy cry out loud
as it couldn’t make it to the other end.

A coin dropped by a passerby

inside the bowl of a beggar
made a short lasting jingle
inside the beggar’s heart.

Ink drops fell on the paper

as the writer jerked the pen too hard
his frustrations were just like those drops
spreading on the white paper
making it useless for expression.

I lit my cigarette and exhaled my worries
I burned my lungs and some bad memories
What I was thinking chafed me from inside
the light I was looking for, made me blind

What’s the lesson we are supposed to learn?
What are the ‘things’ we are about to earn?
I gave you a boat and a paddle
it’s up to you that either you make a journey
or be the stone which the river turns into a pebble.

Time shapes stagnant things accordingly.


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